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Reflecta-VPM - Vapour Permiable Membrane - Special Order

Reflecta-VPM - Vapour Permiable Membrane - Special Order

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Reflecta-VPM is designed to be used in residential timber and steel frame wall construction behind external cladding products.

Reflecta-VPM has been engineered to meet the demands of the Australian climate. non-perforated, it features micro-pores to allow vapour transmission without compromising weather resistance, delivering a shield of protection to help against external weather penetration whilst also alleviating condensation build-up.

An average household can generate up to 12 litres of internal condensation on a daily basis. Condensation within the wall frame can result in accelerated frame deterioration, mould infestations, sick building syndrome and costly repairs.

Using the right Vapour Permeable weather barrier can help manage condensation and save you future headaches.


Our Garages, Carports, Sheds & other structural products are generally all Steel construction.

There are some timber, cubbies and plastic sheds/products.
Tanks & products may be poly.
Insulation products are a range of materials.

Please contact us for more information about a specific product or for assistance.


Width = Gable width or Skillion width

Length = Side wall usually has spouting / guttering

Height = Wall / Eave height

Peak Height = Height to top of Ridge or Highest point of the Skillion roof

Tanks may be diameter, height in inlet and/or outlet

Please contact us for specific product dimensions.

Care information

Steel sheds are like any other painted product and require regular cleaning.

Just like a car the painted finish requires careful gentle maintenance.

Timber, plastic or poly products require regular maintenance.

For care of a specific item please contact us.

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