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Thanks for visiting our website for more information about the Steel products, components and Building Materials available through Shed City.

For a great finish you need to use great products, here at Shed City we manufacture and resell the best products on the market.

So if you are looking for a reliable and affordable steel supplier, contact us today.

Our quality steel products are available in a variety of profiles and the huge range of building materials including:
C purlins (punched or unpunched),
Z purlins,
flat steel,
Eltrak door systems & components,
welded tube door frames,
bomoc doors
and of course a range of custom designed products to suit your needs and requirements.
Plus many more!!

Using our vast product knowledge and industry experience our staff can assist with product selection and/or design for your project.

The sheer massive number of products, colour or colour combinations, thickness and sizes in this category mean they are not always readily available ex-stock, however fabricating and ordering from external suppliers is processed in as timely a manner as possible for asap supply.

Steel & C section purlins, Z purlins, Top Hats - Galvanised

  • available in a huge range of sizes - Shed City punched or unpunched C10010, C10012, C15015, C15019, C15024, C20019, C20024, C25024 as well as the extensive range from Stramit and Bluescope Lysaghts
  • Varying lengths and thickness
  • Offering long life, termite resistant and non-combustible properties

Building Materials

  • brackets - Shed City own range or choose from the Stramit and Bluescope Lysaghts range
  • eltrak door systems componentry
  • multiple access door types and designs
  • large variety of sizes and shapes
  • Insulation from a Variety of Suppliers at the best prices.


  • As well as many other products through the range of suppliers through the HBT group

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