Patio, Verandah or Alfresco which should I choose?

Patio, Verandah or Alfresco which should I choose?

Looking for a covered area as an addition to your home? Not sure what the different options are?

A patio over your front or back door will give you protection from the weather going in and out of your home.  Perhaps a small area to sit and read? Patio’s are usually connected to your house through the fascia or to your roof rafters and usually have a flat or skillion roof.

A verandah along the front, back and / or side of you home can provide a wonderful roof area for going in and out and covered area to your car or to an area in on your property. A verandah is usually attached to your house through the fascia or to your roof rafters. Often it is a rectangular area attached on one long side with a flat / skillion or gable roof or an economical alternative is a freestanding structure that butts up to your house.

An alfresco is usually a covered area used for outdoor relaxation and / or entertaining. This is sometimes built at the same time as a house and therefore under the same roof line or can be added later.  As a separate addition an alfresco can be roof only or enclosed or partially enclosed with a roof that is gable, flat or skillion. Adding an alfresco can be a structure attached to your house via the roof fascia or attachment through the roof rafters or as an economical structure why not add a freestanding structure to your home?

Now you know which structure will suit you the best you need to decide on:

Roof style – Gable, Skillion, Flat or depending on your budget you could consider dutch gable or hip roof.

Attached or Freestanding – depending on the size of your proposed structure, your existing house structure and your budget will affect your choice.

Choice of frame – A galvanised frame has a silver colour, generally has thicker structural members and usually the most economical.   A coloured frame is available in a variety of colours to match or contrast the roof however this is generally a more expensive option.

Shed City are able to provide you with designs, quotes and assisting fulfilling your outdoor covered area dreams.  Get in touch today.

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